Coffee Gems

I never considered myself a coffee lover  before I moved to Wellington. I was the type of person that opted for a hot chocolate whilst a takeaway coffee was on the cards only to fight tiredness or a hangover. And then everything changed… Living in a place with such a strong coffee culture one can only naturally gravitates towards it.

With cafés that can be anything from a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ and camper vans to stylish venues, literally on every corner (most of them roasting their own coffee) the possibilities are endless. I however have found myself rotating the same three time after time.


This place is no secret in Wellington as it is known to roast and make the best coffee around. Minimal and environmentally friendly most of its interior is made using recycled materials, with plenty of Keep Cups on sale. I personally love the community buzz this tiny cafe cultivates. The taxi drivers taking their coffee break, the hip and the not so hip, the young and the not so young, everyone coexisting amicably. Peoples Coffee also sends proceeds from its cups of coffee to communities where the beans are grown. For all the above this café holds a very special place in my heart.


Gipsy Kitchen

Tucked away this little bohemian cafe is packed with character. Only a couple of blοcks down Chris’ work, gipsy kitchen is our favourite place to  enjoy a flat white and grab a quick bite on a quiet weekday. The coffee here is sublime and the homemade cabinet food  made with organic, locally sourced produce, is surely an added bonus.


Although this one has been around for a while I personally discovered it only a couple of months ago and was pleasantly surprised. Ekor, Swedish for squirrel,  reminds of bookshop cafés of the 1980's with a wonderful combination of excellent coffee, Leeds Street Bakery’s delicious treats and a wide range of literary options.

I can’t think of anything better on a Saturday morning than sitting amongst great books with a snoozing baby next to me and coffee in hand. Can you?

Thanks for reading.