What Worked For Us

I am still trying to get my head around the fact that it’s been 6 months since we first met Alex! Where has the time gone?

I must admit, however, that the first three months have been both the BEST and HARDEST three months of my life. Twelve exhausting weeks, and yet when I look back, even just a few months down the road, I have almost a reverence for all those sleepless nights and moments of desperation that come with a newborn. There is something so powerful and overwhelming about somebody needing you so wholly, and so beautiful.

My point being, having a newborn is no small undertaking and although nothing can help more than slowing down and savouring, there was also a small number of items that did help us getting through this period. Also to note that the list can be longer for other families, but Chris and I decided from very early on not to bury ourselves under piles of things just because we were afraid to leave anything out.

So, without further ado:



  • Taking Alex outside was the best thing we could do for our own sanity and for her as well. From very early on she just loved being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, exploring the world, every sight, sound and smell. That sunhat was our trusted companion, our comrade in every single trip we took, protecting Alex from the sun, never letting us down.

  • We introduced Odysseus to Alex when she was around 2 months old and since then these two have become inseparable. Always having him close by, chewing or sucking his limbs, cooing to her 'buddy' when she feels chatty. This cheeky looking fox is the perfect companion for our very special little one. Luckily it is designed to be well-loved and washed with no small beads or removable parts.

  • Although Alex woke up one day and decided she's too cool for a dummy, it was the only thing that kept her calm and quiet the first two months. This pacifier clip made sure we didn’t  lose our only dummy en route to a place, making us to return almost running with a screaming baby all the way back home (true story).

  • Muslin wrap: This simple piece of coarsely woven cotton cloth has numerous uses, which is why no new mum should be without a decent stash. In other worlds it is a passe-partout item that works as a breastfeeding cover, a parasol, a burping cloth- so that your clothes don’t get dribbled on- a comforter and the list goes on. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • This panda teether did wonders during Alex’s first teething months (yes, our little one started teething very early). The gentle textured surface is great for soothing and massaging whilst is also easy to grip for Alex’s little hands. Also, it is 100% natural rubber.

  • Almond oil: Sweet almond oil has been used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for hundreds of years. It is great for massaging as well as a topical treatment of skin irritations and nappy rash. Just a few drops before bed made a huge difference on Alex’s quality of sleep.

  • Finally, chocolate and lanolin cream: those two were a staple for me throughout the whole time. Lanolin cream for self explanatory reasons and dark chocolate (in moderation) boosting my energy level and mood when needed.

Hope this helps a little. Just a note that I am not an expert, so please do your research & only what you feel is best for your precious little one!

Thanks for reading!