You Paint Your Paradise, Then In You Go

Today marks the day my Fiji posts come to an end. I've loved sharing them with you, but as I look outside my window and see grey clouds, I am getting well & truly out of summer mode. On a more positive note, our NZ south island road trip is coming up really soon so stay tuned!


A humid climate makes you almost immediately resent anything that is going to be difficult to wear, tight or hard to change in and out of. This is exactly why a floaty, carefree dress is perfect for times like this, when all you want is something for both day or night and can look good with bare feet. I got mine from The Jetset Diaries, a brand that I have been in love with for sometime now, and it ended up being my favourite piece so far. If you are jetting off anytime soon and don't have one packed then I highly recommend it.


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Dress: Kingston Maxi Dress by The Jetset Diaries, Sunglasses: Round Flash Lenses by Ray-Ban

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