The Fiji Diaries

I'm back from Fiji and I must say that it has been such an amazing experience. I have been itching to share pictures and footage with you all on social media but in the end I decided to take a step back, just soak up the scenery, and leave the updates for when I am back and recovering from my post holiday blues. So, here we are now!

After lots and lots of internet research, me and Chris decided on staying at Vanua Levu instead of following the touristy Fiji route. Only 64 kilometres north of the popular Viti Levu, this island has been largely saved from the wrath of tourism… at least for now. From the moment we set our foot on the island we knew it was going to be special, everything about this place was so beautiful and wild. Accessible only by boat, our resort was laying on a spit of land surrounded by water on three sides. Being an old coconut plantation, the descendants from the island’s romantic past were giving the area a character lacking in so many other tourist destinations.

It all started with the staff singing their welcome as our boat approached the jetty, and a lovely Kava ceremony after which we were considered not guests but family, and it did feel this way throughout our stay.

We spent our days kayaking around the bay, snorkelling the rainbow reef, having picnics on deserted islands or just relaxing by our deck taking in the beauty that surrounded us. Each day ended with a star-speckled sky, listening to frogs and crickets, we just couldn’t ask for more!

To sum it all up and since a picture’s worth a thousand words here is a photo diary of our trip to as close to paradise as I have ever seen.

TIP: The remote resort has only 4 bures (all far enough away from each other for total privacy), so for those of you who want to unplug and go for an adventure in the real Fiji make sure you book ahead of time!

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Coral coast

Coral coast

Taveuni island airport

Our bure

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