Not a Girly Girl

While some girls like full skirts and sequins, some others prefer a more masculine look. I myself am a big fan of the latter. Unintentionally, I’ve always been drawn to androgynous pieces as I find them to be simple and clean, creating more opportunities for mixing and matching. What I  love about this style the most, however, is that it isn't just about the clothes per se, rather that the attitude that goes with it. And it is for this exact reason that you don't have to be skinny, teenage or flawless to qualify as a tomboy.


Pulling off the look is easier than it appears when you incorporate a few key pieces into your wardrobe. The formula is simple: You just need to combine a classic garment from men's wardrobe with your personal everyday essentials, making sure you balance proportions to avoid drowning in what tend to be oversized pieces.For instance, you can wear a masculine-looking pantsuit, and complete the outfit with your favourite silk cami and red lipstick, transforming it that way into your own look.

Whether you’re a tomboy at heart or like to change up your style every once in a while, I recommend giving this look a go. Take your inspiration from the tomboy trend and make it your own using your personality as a common thread in any outfit you put together.


Remember Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. - Orson Wells

Trousers: Aleida Trousers by AllSaints, Trainers: Roshe Run by Nike, Sunglasses: Wells / Sangria Tort by Bailey Nelson

Thanks for reading.