Reaching for the Stars

Undoubtedly, New Zealand has some of the best night skies in the World, and although the country is known as -The Land of the Long White Cloud- when the cloud clears at night the sky offers some of the best stargazing opportunities you can find out there.

If now you are lucky enough to live in New Zealand you can’t but immerse yourself in astrophotography and trying (not always successfully) to shoot the perfect Milky Way picture. This is exactly why we got so excited when we heard about the event hosted by the Astronomy Photographer Mark Gee at Red Rocks Nature Reserve, just minutes out of the city centre to the south coast.

We arrived around 7pm, and the coast was already packed with aspiring photographers gathered to gaze upon the blissful night sky lit by stars. Over 800 people were there ready to go, already unpacking their gear, setting up for the night of photographing ahead. It was a fairly remote place so it was really dark, which is exactly what you need for photographing the night sky.

The view was amazing! The Milky Way was shining so bright that night – it was just amazing to step away from the camera & look up to watch, catching glimpses of the occasional shooting star that shot across the night sky.

There is obviously so much for us to learn and better equipment to invest in, however, here are the two best of the bunch from that night. We are already researching to buy a new wide lens to really step up our game for when we’ll explore the South Island, so stay tuned!

Milky Way

Red Rocks Walkway

The time-lapse created by Mark Gee, the host of the event, will blow your mind. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading.