Saying the Most With the Least

For the past 10 years travelling and living overseas has become a part of who I am. This nomadic lifestyle apart from changing me as a person and helping me understand my own culture, has also taught me another great lesson: not to cling on things.

From the moment we decided to move overseas for the second time, I knew I had to clean out my closet and evaluate what I really needed. I purposely decided to squeeze my stuff into just one suitcase, and if you are asking me that was was the best decision that I could have possibly made. My logic was simple: I wanted a wardrobe that was elegant and functional at the same time, making sure that everything I kept would fit my personal taste. The only clothes I now have with me are pieces I actually like wearing and feel comfortable in.

Do I miss any of the stuff I left behind? Not a smidgen.


Single piece outfits are great for limited luggage options, making this culotte jumpsuit one of my go to outfits for this season. The stripe print, besides being one of the hot trends of SS16, it transforms this otherwise simple piece into a classic can’t-go-wrong-with look.


We chose Karaka bay for today’s photoshoot. This seaside haven is only a short drive from our place, making it the perfect spot to unwind on a hot summer day throughout the week. The bay is also a great place to spot little blue penguins, so keep your eyes open if you happen to be around the area!


Jumpsuit: Ria Striped by Whistles (Jersey), Sunglasses: Wells / Sangria Tort by Bailey Nelson

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