Do the CubaDupa

If you’ve ever been around the area you’d agree that Cuba Street truly is the quirkiest part of Wellington. A melting pot of buskers, art galleries, graffiti-filled alleyways and record stores with suits and students, well-to-do and homeless, all co-existing amiably. This is exactly why we got so intrigued when we heard (by a co-worker and only by accident I must admit) that this cool little bohemian corner would be in a party mode over the weekend. It wasn’t until we got there that we learned that CubaDupa is an annual street festival meant to celebrate what the street is really all about- the coming together of creative minds, freedom of speech and expression of the arts-how amazing is that!

Cuba Street

Although we joined the party quite late, believe me when I say that the place was still jam-packed. Everyone from young to old, locals to visitors had flooded the streets, getting their groove on. To be honest I can’t think of doing anything better than dancing in the street on a Sunday afternoon in glorious Wellington sunshine. Even carparks around the area were converted into dance floors and music stages with bands from all around New Zealand and Australia performing, while art exhibitions were taking over every corner.

We walked up and down the street and alleys a couple of times, and there was something to see and someone to listen to everywhere around. One of the best bands we came across was the The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band (it took me quite a while to register the name), a throw-back style band heavily influenced by the early jazz and blues music that filled the dance halls and brothels of New Orleans. Those guys really got the crowd up and moving!

Aperol Spritz

But man cannot live by music alone, the street was also turned into one big restaurant with food stalls set up outside.Since our feet felt like taking a break, we opted for a dine in option, so ended up  having late lunch at Loretta, one of our favourite places downtown. We sat by the window and kept on enjoying the party.

To sum it all up and since a picture’s worth a thousand words here is a photo diary of CubaDupa 2016.

All in all we loved it! Well done Wellington.

Thanks for reading.