I've Retired My Stilettos for Sneakers, Baby!


While this trend has been around for a while it’s still got that tasteful understated quality that makes the industry still obsessing over it. The truth is that although fashion is known to be ephemeral, any trend that’s slightly versatile and easy to wear at the same time, will live through.

The sneakers and dress combination is the new smart and it's much easier to pull off than you think. Try playing with different fabrics like silk and leather or if your look is more formal try a pencil skirt, sticking to a monochromatic theme so that the shoes don't attract too much attention.

Between you and me, if you could dance all night long or go for a nice stroll along the beach after dinner and still look effortlessly cool, wouldn’t you opt for it? I most certainly am! At the end of the day if you feel cool and confident, it doesn't really matter how high your heels are and what you are wearing.


We spotted this former air force base on Shelly Bay on our way to a nearby cafe last weekend. There is such a haunting beauty to those decaying buildings, making them such a striking photographic subject. If you are around make a quick stop to enjoy the sun setting by the wharf and you won't regret it.


Dress: Riviera by AllSaints (silk), Bag: Portland Backpack by Whistles (leather), Shoes: Miss Stan by Adidas (leather), Sunglasses: Wells / Sangria Tort by Bailey Nelson


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